About Andy Wood
Formed in 1973 when dad’s sperm found mum’s ovaries for the fifth time (possibly after a Frank Zappa concert), I am the son of a coal miner with a head full of songs and a heart that is hopefully big enough to disperse them upon the world in all their glory.
I popped out in 1974 and it took 12 long years to find that first guitar, but I have never looked back since.

Musical Orientation
Some people struggle with  gender identity … I struggle with Genre identity.  I have a head full of musical ideas that rarely ever sit neatly in one genre. So there, I’m out of the closet, self confessed Multi-Genre musician !
Let’s just call what I play “Funk-tree Country Folk Rockin’ Blues“. Keep it simple.

What am I up to?
As of 2016, I spend a lot of my time fronting my band “The Swinging Old Fellas” (Yes that is a double entendre), we play a wide range of stuff from covers to original rock and blues masterpieces !
Independently, I’m working on a host of new songs. I’m inspired, empowered, embracing life and motivated right now, so some new stuff will be coming your way very soon 🙂



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August 2017 Update
What’s happening in my world ?

Lot’s going on right now. Working on new songs at home in the studio, writing lots of new stuff with the band. Jamming out hard every Tuesday night and gigging solo 2-3 nights a week at the moment, but it’s good. I like being busy.





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