Born and raised at Bega, on the south coast of NSW Australia, Sydney based musician Andy Wood is riding a wave of good fortune at the present time. Tireless hours of live performance across Sydney venues have been replaced with a chance to slow down and take stock as a global pandemic grips humanity. Andy always looks for the upside of every situation and for him the recent downtime was seen as an opportunity. It has allowed him to spend much more time in the studio and produce of a host of new material that will ultimately define him as the artist that he has become. 


Andy knows only too well how fortunate he is to have been blessed with the perfect balance of family life and a career in the music industry. Living by adage ‘The future starts now’, Andy is embracing a new found confidence and enthusiasm that will drive him well beyond 2022. The latest release for Andy is song called WAKE UP, it’s the third single off his forthcoming album THE TEMPLE BAR and reflects on how good life really is despite everything that is thrown at us. The song has an addictive choral chant that encourages us to celebrate life and live for the moment. It’s a theme that strong throughout the album. Artistically, there’s lots more to come and as Andy will tell you, his latest journey has only just begun. Watch this space.